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What is Freading?

Freading is a service the library subscribes to which gives our patrons access to eBooks. Enjoy 12,000 titles from a variety of genres, with new ones being added every week. Unlimited access, so there's no waiting!

Requires: SCL card
Loans: 2 weeks, based on tokens - 6 tokens/week
Renewals: Yes
Find Freading items in our catalogue: No

Access Freading


What's Required?

In order to access Freading, you will need a valid library card, Internet access, and a computer or a compatible mobile device. To learn more about which devices are compatible, see Help - Compatible Devices.

Your computer or mobile device also needs to be authorized with an Adobe ID. If you have used library eBooks before, you have probably set this up already. For more information, see Adobe IDs and Adobe DRM.

Popular items 2 stars
Lots of variety 3 stars
Get books instantly 4 stars
Easy to use 3 stars

SCL Help

General: Freading web version | downloadable pdf
   Includes: What Can I Borrow?, Get Started, Search and Browse, What Are Tokens?, Wishlist, How to Download, Renewing Titles

Freading: Frequently Asked Questions

Find help by Device:

Desktop computer icon with monitor and tower Computers & Software:
Adobe Digital Editions [pdf]
black and white tablet icon   Smart phone icon Smart phones and tablets:
Android devices [pdf]
iPad/iPhone/iPod [pdf]
E-reader icon eBook Readers:
Sony Reader WiFi [pdf]
Kobo [pdf]
Kobo Vox/Kobo Arc [pdf]

How Do eBooks from the Library Work?

What are library ebooks?
The Library subscribes to several different eBook services so our patrons can access them. Access to these services is limited to patrons with a library card. If you are not an SCL patron, check with your local library to see if they offer eBooks.

How long can I borrow the book? Do I have to pay fines if it's overdue?
Library eBooks are "borrowed" for a certain period of time (2 weeks or 3 weeks) and then the files will no longer be accessible. Your computer or device will prompt you to delete expired library eBooks. eBooks are never overdue, and there are never any fines.

Can I use library eBooks on my computer/e-reader/phone?
The library's services are compatible with a variety of different devices including most computers, mobile devices (phones/tablets), & e-readers. To find out which services you can use with your device, consult our main download help page.

Do I need anything else?
To use this service, you will need a free Adobe ID. Learn more about Adobe DRM and Adobe IDs.

More eBook help and programs at the library

Need help getting started with eBooks? Try one of our free programs! SCL offers group sessions for specific devices periodically. We also offer free 1:1 sessions with a library staff member to get started using library eBooks on your device.

For group classes, please see our Program Calendar.

For 1-on-1 sessions, please contact our Information Desk for more information or to register. There are a variety of dates and times available.

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