Get to Know Your Library Staff: Kaylin

What is your job title?

Library Service Specialist/Programmer

How long have you worked at Strathcona County Library?

Almost six years

How would you describe your role at the library?

My role at the library is primarily programming for children 5 years and under, which involves storytimes, daycare visits and a variety of other programs. I also work on the information desk to answer a wide range of questions related to technology, readers advisory and where to find specific materials. I also occasionally work on the circulation desk to help out when they need it.

What's changed for your role since COVID-19?

My role changed quite significantly when we had to stop serving our community in person. We had to program virtually and provide customer service strictly through phones and email. With this change, we have learned to film ourselves, edit videos and promote them on social media.

What do you like best about your job?

I really love the interactions with our patrons and programming for the kids and let me tell you, I miss that part of my job so very much right now.

What do you wish people knew about the library?

I wish people knew that we are more than just books, and we are not in any danger of becoming obsolete due to technological advances. Libraries constantly adapt and change with the world and new technology. If anything, libraries are becoming more and more prominent as we offer a wide range of programs, resources and materials, as well as assistance for newcomers to Canada, job seekers and new moms (just to name a few) in order to serve and help as many people in our community as we can!

Which books or resources in the library do you find most interesting?

Being a children's programmer, I get so much enjoyment from picture books and from picking out the right ones to ensure kids find joy in them as well! I also cannot get enough of the cookbook section, as I love to find new and fun recipes to try.

Tell us about one book/movie/album/magazine that you really love?

I really love the book by Bob Goff, Everybody, Always: Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People. This book is a great read as there are so many lessons to get from it, such as learning to live without fear or worry, and how to love those who may be the most "difficult" for us to love.

When you're not reading you're...

Outside working with my husband on our farm and playing with our two puppies, baking or cooking, kayaking or spending time with family and friends!