Children’s Books that Make Great Gifts 2023

Looking for the perfect books to give to the children in your life? Here are some noteworthy 2023 books that would make great gifts. 

Where's the Cat? by Ingela P. Arrhenius is a board book with soft felt flaps that are easy for the smallest of hands to use. The repeated phrases and the pet theme are great for introducing new concepts and animal sounds. With the mirror on the final page where babies can see themselves, this is a book that will be reached for over and over again. (Ages 0–2)

Whose Ears? by Sam Williams, a mix-and-match book with split pages, will capture toddlers’ attention as they try to match each animal’s ears with their correct body. The simple text paired with the bright and fun illustrations makes this a funny story that is sure to become a favourite. (Ages 1–3)

Let's Read Animal Words by Ji Lee is an alphabet book like no other. With clever illustrations that spell out the animal’s name and interesting facts on each page, this will keep both children and adults interested and learning as they read. (Ages 3–6)

What If I'm Not a Cat? by Kari-Lynn Winters is a touching but humorous picture book about a spunky animal named Donkey who lives in a barn with his family of cats. He always thought he was a cat until one day he realizes that he might not be one after all. This quirky but sweet character will win your heart as he embarks on a mission to find out where he belongs. (Ages 4–7)

ChupaCarter by George Lopez and Ryan Calejo is an illustrated chapter book featuring Jorge, a smooth-talking kid who has moved in with his grandparents in New Mexico. While he’s adjusting to his new life, Jorge befriends a chupacabra named Carter who lives in the woods and must protect him from his big-game hunting principal. This humorous adventure is sure to appeal to kids who are fascinated by mythical creatures. (Ages 8–12)

Mabuhay! by Zachary Sterling is a great graphic novel for kids who enjoy fun family adventures with a mix of real-life issues and fantasy. Filipino siblings JJ and Althea help out with their family’s food truck, while also having to listen to their mother recount Filipino folklore. They realize that the folktales are true when characters from their mom’s stories start appearing. Can the siblings embrace their magical heritage and fight to protect their family? (Ages 8–12)

The Mossheart's Promise by Rebecca Mix is a fantasy adventure perfect for fans of The City of Ember and Fablehaven. Canary Mossheart is a young fairy on a quest to find a cure for her mother, who is afflicted with a mold that is making her sick. On her journey, she discovers that their world is actually a giant terrarium that is slowly rotting away. Can she find a way for everyone to escape before it’s too late? (Ages 9 and up)

~Allison and Pascale (Youth Services Department)