Support Your Library

Support Your Library

The library graciously welcomes donations and sponsorships. With your ongoing support, we can ensure that our library is equipped and ready to fulfill its mission to promote engagement, spark imagination, and provide the tools for building skills and knowledge.

An investment in the library is an investment in the future.

If you'd like to discuss sponsorship or bequest opportunities, or have donation questions in general, please contact our Donor Relations Specialist at or  780-464-8247.

CanadaHelps is a secure nonprofit site for Canadian charities.

Donating FAQs

  • You can donate online through CanadaHelps, a secure nonprofit site for Canadian charities. 

    If you have questions about donation, or would like to discuss a memorial donation or bequest, please contact

  • Donated materials that fit with the library’s Collection Development Policy are considered for inclusion in the library’s collections. Those that do not fit are used to support the library in other ways (they may be used as prize books for contests, sold through book sales, provided to community members in need, and more).

  • The library accepts small donations (one box or bag) of gently used books throughout the year, which you can bring to the front desk. If you are thinking of donating multiple boxes of materials, please call us at 780-410-8600. Please also see what types of materials does the library accept for donation?

  • Materials must be in good condition (not dirty, stained, mouldy, smoky, or with missing or damaged dust covers). Unfortunately, we cannot accept materials that fall outside our donation criteria, as there are fees involved in appropriately disposing of them.

    We do NOT accept these formats:

    • Appliance manuals
    • Binders or school supplies
    • Colouring/puzzle/activity books
    • Encyclopedias
    • Magazines 
    • Newspapers
    • Reader’s Digest abridged books
    • Textbooks 
    • Time Life books or magazines

    We do NOT accept these audiovisual items:

    • CDs
    • Homemade DVDs/CDs
    • Older format materials (VHS/cassettes/8-track/LPs)
    • Empty cases

    We do NOT accept these subjects:

    • Economic/tax books older than 1 year
    • Computer/technical manuals older than 1 year
    • Harlequin romances older than 2 years
  • Most of the funding for public libraries in Alberta comes from their own communities through municipal taxes. Because public libraries share their resources and cooperate in providing materials and services to support all Albertans, the province also contributes. Libraries supplement this core service funding by selling merchandise, collecting fines for lost or damaged materials, and applying for project grants. Many libraries also work with a non-profit Friends of the Library group that can advocate and raise funds on the library's behalf. Most, if not all, of the funds raised by public libraries go toward equipment, books, materials or services that directly benefit the public.

  • Tax receipts are issued for all monetary donations over $20, and gifts are income tax deductible. Strathcona County Library is a registered charity. 

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