Children’s Books That Make Great Gifts

Books make great gifts, but how do you decide which book to get? Here are some of our favourite books to help you find a new favourite for the child in your life. 

Give Me A Snickle! by Alisha Sevigny

This board book for children ages 0-2 has a sweet message that will melt your heart. Alongside diverse pictures of families and babies, the snappy and rhyming text makes the book flow effortlessly. A sweet book about the magic of snuggle time.

Let's Build by Julie M. Fenner

Perfect for ages 2-3, this interactive story will keep your active toddler’s attention by having them participate by clapping, blowing, tilting the book and more. 

Not That Pet! by Prasadam-Halls Smriti

In this hilarious and imaginative book for children ages 3 and up, Mabel’s parents let her choose a pet from the pet store. A funny, silly and heartwarming story that will have the entire family laughing as Mable picks pet after pet that does not suit a member of her family. 

Ben the Sea Lion by Roy Henry Vickers

Written by Canadian Indigenous author Roy Henry Vickers, Ben the Sea Lion is a heartwarming story about Roy and his cousin who find an orphaned sea lion and nurse it back to health. A beautifully written and illustrated story for ages 3 and up that follows the boys as they care for Ben and what happens when it’s time for Ben to go back home.

Tim Possible and the Time-Traveling T. Rex by Axel Maisy 

Tim and Tito are best friends, and Oskar is a time-traveling T-Rex who lands a spaceship in Tim’s backyard. When Tim accidentally drinks Oskar’s Impossible Juice, everything erupts into chaos and the friends must battle robots, a honey badger and an evil virtual assistant. This short illustrated chapter book combines sci-fi and humour to create a zany adventure.

The Rabbit's Gift by Jessica Vitalis

Quincy Rabbit’s warren grows Chou plants that sprout human babies to trade with the village of Montpeyroux. In exchange, the citizens give the rabbits the purple carrots they need to survive. When a human girl steals a Chou and Quincy steals some carrot seeds, they put the entire village in danger. Can they repair the trust between them before it’s too late? This book is a great choice for readers who enjoyed The One and Only Ivan.

Dungeon Club: Roll Call by Molly Knox Ostertag and Xanthe Bouma 

This graphic novel is a top pick for fans of fantasy roleplay, middle school adventures and friendship stories. Jess and Olivia love playing Dungeons & Dragons. When Olivia suggests adding a new player to their game, Jess’s frustration with having to share their game with a third teammate puts a strain on their bond. Can Jess repair their friendship and be as brave as she is in D&D?

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