Choosing Books for Babies

Do you love reading with your baby, but find yourself unsure about which books to choose? Here are a few things to look for in books that are great for babies ages 0-12 months, with some suggested books.

Board Books

Babies learn through play and by exploring the world using all their senses. By playing with books (throwing them, chewing on them, turning pages), they are learning about books and how they work, as well as creating positive experiences with books. Board books are sturdy enough to stand up to some rough handling, and the thick pages are easier for babies to grab. 

Bright, High-Contrast Illustrations

Newborn babies’ vision is still developing, so high contrast illustrations will grab their attention best. Look for black and white books and books with vibrant colours. 

Baby Sees Colors!

Pictures of Real Baby Faces

Babies love looking at faces! Look for books with clear photos of babies’ faces. 

Baby Faces

Interactive Elements

Look for lift-the-flap books or books with different textures to engage your baby’s sense of touch.

Fuzzy, Fuzzy, Fuzzy!

Nursery Rhymes

The repetition and rhyme in nursery rhymes help children learn to recognize sounds, which will help them build their listening and language skills. Learn more about the benefits of nursery rhymes.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

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