Early Literacy and Recipe Fun

When we use the term "early literacy," we are referring to everything that a child learns about reading and writing before they actually start reading and writing. Early literacy involves different skills that can be learned and practiced when you read, write, sing, talk, and play with your child.

What Is Print Awareness?

One of these foundational skills is called “print awareness” and includes recognizing that written words have meaning. According to Reading Rockets, “The ability to understand how print works does not emerge magically and unaided. This understanding comes about through the active intervention of adults and other children who point out letters, words, and other features of the print that surrounds children.”

There are many ways to reinforce that print has meaning. For example, a parent could trace their finger under words of a book as they read them aloud, or they could read a book like The Book with No Pictures, where the text requires them to do and say extremely silly things. Fun early literacy activities like these show that the squiggles (letters) on a page form words, which carry meaning.

Using Recipes to Build Print Awareness

Another way to emphasize the connection between print and meaning is through following a recipe with your little one. When using a recipe, you follow step-by-step instructions, showing that your actions are determined by what is written on the page. When you make a favourite recipe many times, it reinforces that one recipe is different from the next—what you make depends on the recipe you use.

So give it a try! Grab a favourite recipe and follow the instructions with the little one in your life. After reading out a step, involve your toddler or preschooler in the baking process. Things like dumping out measuring cups and stirring the mixture are fun experiences for little ones! If you are not sure where to start, check out the list below of picture books that include a recipe. After reading the story together, try out the related recipe at the end of the book.

Books with Recipes

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Check out these picture books that end with a related recipe.

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