Frozen Animal Rescue Preschool Activity

Looking for a simple, indoor activity for your little one on a cold winter’s day? Why not pair a read aloud with a fun sensory activity and rescue animals from ice! This is a simple activity that helps to connect a book with an activity, while encouraging your child to strengthen their fine motor skills, problem solving, hand eye coordination and vocabulary! 

Choose any toys that you may have laying around the house and simply freeze them in water. Animals, vehicles, superheroes, princesses, or any other favourite toys would all work great! Depending on the age of your child, you may want to stick with just one or two large toys, or if they’re a bit older you can challenge them with several small figures in a larger ice block. Grab a few tools to help them thaw the ice and a book that fits the theme of the toys you chose and you’re ready for some fun! 

When it comes time to melt the ice, grab a bowl of warm water and have them use measuring cups, spray or squirt bottles, ladles, eye droppers, or any other items you may have around the house. Encourage your child to use the tools themselves and try to narrate what they’re doing! Make an effort to connect the book you read to the animals they’re trying to rescue. Talk about what happened in the story, what may happen after the story ends, the sounds they make, the environment they live in, and what their daily lives might be like. 

Want to go a step further and pair this with your own storytime at home? Check out one of our themed Storytime Kits that matches with the toys you plan to use to tie it all together. With dozens of themes including dinosaurs, bugs, jungle, transportation, fish, farm, and many more, we will absolutely have a kit that will help you incorporate toys you already have at home! Have fun!