Fun with Math: Learning About Math Through Stories, Recipes and Puzzles

Math is difficult for many children, but it can be even more stressful if they don’t have the motivation to practice their numeracy skills. Non-fiction books that incorporate math problems can be a great way to show your child how math is applicable to them, without the added pressure of being graded. Alternatively, if your child already enjoys math, these books can put a fun twist on skills they’re already familiar with, while preparing them for more advanced concepts. 

The Cooking with Math series introduces basic word problems for kids to figure out the details of a recipe, such as measuring the correct amounts, doubling ingredients and calculating the baking time. The recipes are interspersed every few pages for kids to make at home. 

Cooking With Math!

Mini Math Mysteries is a series that lets readers pick their own path while they use their math skills to solve school-related mysteries. The mysteries build anticipation and are accompanied by colourful illustrations. 

Mini Math Mysteries

The Math on the Job series explores various math-related career paths, such as ones in sports (baseball player, sports statistician, sports journalist) and animal science (marine biologist, veterinary technologist, aquarist). 

Math on the Job

The Math Quest books are like a Choose Your Own Adventure where the reader is going on an adventure and must solve math problems to progress further. Each of the four volumes involves a different set of math skills, including geometry, charts, number puzzles and arithmetic. The quests include a journey inside a cavern, a trip to a new planet, a museum excursion, and a visit inside a haunted mansion. 

The Museum of Mysteries

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