Reading Nonfiction with Your Preschooler

Did you know that we have a collection of information books just for preschoolers? Our Easy Information collection in the Enchanted Forest features nonfiction books with clear text and colourful visuals for younger readers. There are books on a variety of topics, like animals, airplanes and dinosaurs.

What are the benefits of reading nonfiction with your preschooler? Here are a few:

  • Information books can be a powerful tool in fueling your preschooler's love of reading. Both enthusiastic and reluctant readers love diving into their personal interests. Try choosing information books about the things they love.
  • Easy Information books expose preschoolers to new vocabulary. Books often contain words that are not found in everyday family conversations. Nonfiction books can contain even more new vocabulary than your average picture book.
  • Reading nonfiction helps develop the skill of concentration. Books with diagrams or spot-the-differences give preschoolers an opportunity to focus on the details.
  • Reading information books helps preschoolers learn about the world around them. Books about new people, places and things can help expand interests and satisfy curiosity.

Not sure where to start? Check out what's new in the Easy Information collection.