Reading with Your Baby

It's never too early to start reading with your child! Reading with your baby helps in the development of language skills and is a great way to bond with your child. Here are a few tips for reading with your baby:

  • Cuddle with your child to create a bond and a positive association with reading. Hold your baby in your lap with a good view of the pictures.
  • Expect your baby to explore books with their mouth. This is how babies learn and interact with their world. You can offer your child a toy to hold and chew as you turn the pages of the book.
  • Point to pictures and name what you see; talk about what's on the page.
  • Ask your baby questions about what you see on the page and respond to the noises your baby makes. These "conversations" lay the foundation for language.
  • Stop when your baby becomes fussy or bored.
  • Keep books close at hand—in the car, in the diaper bag—to share books anytime, anywhere.