Teen Volunteer Review: Don’t Tell a Soul

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Today's volunteer review is of Don't Tell A Soul by Kirsten Miller.

Don’t Tell A Soul is a spine-chilling novel written by New York Times Bestselling Author Kirsten Miller. A captivating story that follows the journey of a seventeen year old girl, Bram Howland who decides to move in with her uncle in a small town called Louth. The locals of the town spread rumors about a cursed mansion where several young women die under mysterious circumstances. When Bram moves into the mansion she starts to discover the many dark secrets that lurk inside the walls of her new home, and the story of her own past starts to unfold.

During her stay at the mansion she meets some of the most intriguing characters that help her discover a terrifying secret that will unveil Bram’s dreadful reality. Miller skillfully creates an enigmatic atmosphere where the story flows from one line to another creating some of the most complex characters that have their own unique personalities. I found this novel quite interesting because the story contains very unusual plot twists that add new flavours to the development of the narrative. I was surprised that I was able to put myself into the shoes of the main characters and feel empathetic towards the struggles that some of them had to overcome.

I would definitely recommend this book to other teens not only because the story is suspenseful, but also because it teaches young people not to make poor choices regardless of the situation that they are in. Throughout the novel I was able to explore different perspectives that expanded my horizons of how certain people think, and that people can sometimes make impulsive decisions without proper investigation. This story has many themes, including friendship, courage and perseverance, and the coming of age. This is a great novel for anyone interested in mystery, horror, and suspense!