Games You Can Play In Less Than 45 Minutes

Written by Wei Ling G.

Short of time but you would still like to learn a new game and have some fun? Gather around the table and let me introduce you to three games that you can learn and play in less than 45 minutes — Telestrations, Sushi Go, and Sequence.

Telestrations is a quick light-hearted party game that is a cross between the broken telephone game and Pictionary. I always have so much fun every time I play this game and it also works as an excellent icebreaker! Each player begins by sketching a word on their sketchpad. Once the time is up, everyone must pass their sketchpad to the next player who must guess what was drawn. The next player must draw what was guessed, and so on, so forth. The game continues until your sketchpad comes back to you. After the game ends, everyone takes turns to show-and-tell what is on their sketchpad. The end results are always hilarious, in fact, the larger the group, the greater the hilarity!

Don’t be fooled by the adorable pictures in the visually-appealing card game Sushi Go! This game moves fast and can become very competitive. Your aim is to collect the best combination of sushi dishes to gain the most points – but you have to be quick because other players may get to the choice pieces of sushi first! This game is easy to learn but difficult to master so you may end up staying for seconds!

Sequence is an excellent introduction to tabletop games. Players will be divided into two or three competing teams and the goal is to fill up the board with marker chips by playing a corresponding card from your hand. Each row of five marker chips is called a sequence and the game ends when the first team completes a set number of sequences. This game is fast-paced and exciting, especially when there’s strictly no table talk or coaching allowed!

Interested in any of the tabletop games I’ve shared? At the weekly Sunday board game gathering at our library, you will have a chance to try them out with the helpful guidance of our library staff. Join us for some guaranteed brain-wrecking fun, even if you only have a little time to spare!