Tech Help Is for Everyone

When people come to the library for assistance with their technology, often they apologize. "I'm sorry I'm not very tech-savvy" is something we hear at the information desk, and in our tech help one-on-one sessions, and in our classes, and sometimes in the middle of helping a person find a book on the shelf! We hear it from retirees, doctors and teachers – people from all walks of life. We hear it a lot. And you know what?

No one needs to apologize for seeking help.

The world of technology is changing rapidly. Phones and computers change versions so quickly your new device is "obsolete" the moment you buy it, since the companies that make them want to sell the newest latest and greatest. It's a never-ending churn, and you are not alone in feeling exhausted keeping up with it all.

It used to be possible to avoid some of that exhaustion by just staying behind a bit, keeping your computer a few more years than recommended. Nowadays that strategy doesn't work as well because companies want users to buy subscriptions to programs (instead of paying a one-time fee for a self-contained version you can run as long as you want). And there are things you do need to keep up to date, like security updates for your phone or computer.

If you don't keep up with all the changes, even just to know what's possible, things are tough out there. But that is why we have staff at the library who are keeping up with the technology news.

When you have a problem with your device or a program, you can talk it through with us. We can hash it out together at a tech help appointment or share information in our technology classes. Sometimes all we can do is let you talk through your issue because it's beyond our control. But sometimes we can help, and whichever kind of problem you're having (and you might not know which kind it is) you never have to apologize for asking for help.