Get to Know Your Library Staff: Wei Ling

What is your job title?

Information Desk and Outreach Programming Assistant, Adult Services Department

When did you start working at the library?

May 2022

How would you describe your role at the library?

I generally split my time three ways: I provide assistance for patrons at the Information Desk, I facilitate outreach programs for seniors, and I provide technology help and training for patrons. Once a month, I also host a book club for adults where we read a diverse range of titles and authors!

What do you like best about your job?

I love meeting and interacting with patrons at the library and in the community, be it seniors in senior care facilities, newcomers who have just arrived in Canada, book
lovers in book clubs, or families who visit our library to have a great time at the children’s section. I love sharing information with our patrons to empower them, to improve their lives, or simply to encourage lifelong learning.

What do you wish people knew about the library?

If you are looking for a job, you can book a one-on-one appointment with our resume tutor who can sit down with you and help you review your resume and cover letter. You can also print resumes and cover letters for free at the library – how awesome is that?!

Which books or resources in the library do you find most interesting?

I love the kits that the library provides that are available borrowing. There are kits for everyone: storytime kits for children, mental health kits for teens, physical literacy kits for families, and memory kits for people with memory loss. These kits are extremely popular and it’s not difficult to guess why – they make literacy, leisure, mental wellness, and engagement with our loved ones so much more accessible.

Tell us about one book/movie/album/magazine that you really love.

Listen to Stromae’s latest album, Multitude (available on hoopla)! Stromae is a French-speaking Belgian singer-songwriter, and he explores topical social issues in his songs while incorporating multicultural influences in every track, ranging from the rising crescendos of a Bulgarian folk choir to the melancholic crooning of the Chinese er'hu.

When you're not reading or working you're...

Birding in summer, playing board games in the winter, and trying new recipes in the kitchen all year long.