October Is Canadian Library Month!

Every October, libraries and library partners across Canada take a little extra time to raise awareness about the important role we play in modern society. Basically, we brag. Do we deserve to brag? Well, here are five reasons that might convince you that yes, libraries are great (pat pat).

Libraries save you money. Quite a lot of money.

You save on books, yes. But also newspaper subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, video content, recipes and even music lessons.

They can help you answer the tough questions.

library offers the resources and privacy to explore difficult topics on your own. For some people, this can be a lifesaver.

They're an important source of support for new Canadians.

Many libraries provide space for settlement workers, who help newcomers figure out the things that many of us take for granted: finding your way around, looking for somewhere to live, and accessing social supports like health care.

They can help you find a job or move your career forward.

Free job search programs and resume tutors are two library-sponsored supports for individuals who find themselves unemployed. But if you're already working and looking to move up or make a change, libraries also offer free access to an immense array of resources that teach vital job skills.

They're simply a place to be, with no strings attached.

You can spend time in a library, without having to buy a coffee (or something else) to justify your presence. We're happy to see you. And you can stay as long as you like.