Summer Fun: It’s Not Just For The Kids!

Summer in the library is full of exciting things to do, like special programs and reading challenges. Children and teens can win prizes by playing the summer games, but did you know that adults can join the fun, too? Folks over 18 years old can join the Adult Summer Challenge, opens a new window to participate in activities and win prizes from June 27–August 25, 2024. You can play online or in person, and have four chances each week to win a $25 gift card to a local farmers market (woohoo for supporting your community!) The Adult Summer Challenge doesn't require you to read for a certain number of minutes a day or move pieces around a game board, but instead lets you participate in different activities every week.

Creative Corner

If you're not a reader, but love creative pursuits or logic puzzles, try "Creative Corner". The activity changes every week, but some of the projects include coloring sheets, crosswords, spot-the-difference, and word jumbles. Creative Corner activities can help you relax and exercise your grey matter a little all summer long.

Book in a Jar

If you are a reader (or good at keeping up with pop culture), give the "Book in a Jar" a try! See if you can guess a book's title just by reading quotes from the book. I try to choose books that have been popular in the last few years or have been recently made into a movie. If you're stumped, a staff member at the Information Desk may even offer a hint. 😉

Build a Better Bibliocommons

Maybe you are someone who always likes to share their opinion, or you're the go-to for recommending new things to friends. The "Build a Better BiblioCommons" activity is for you! You can get entries to the Adult Summer Challenge by rating and reviewing library items on our online catalogue. A review will earn you a few more entries than a star rating, but all your input is appreciated. Your ratings and reviews can help others in the community decide what they might like to check out at the library next.

Tale Spin

The "Tale Spin" activity is meant to help those of you in a reading (or watching, or listening) rut. If you find yourself turning to the same type of book or movie again and again but want to try something new, spin the wheel to be gifted with a prompt for your next library check out. You can interpret the prompts however you please, but we have a list of suggestions, opens a new window and the information desk staff can help if you need a little more guidance. 

With such great prizes and so many ways to participate, there's no reason to let kids be the only ones playing at the library this summer!