Personalized Genealogy Research with Our Tutor

If you’re researching your family history, you can find local, in-person help at the Strathcona County Library.

Exploring our ancestry is a great way to learn more about our family stories and about ourselves. But navigating the vast landscape of genealogical research can be daunting, especially for beginners. Even experienced researchers run into road blocks. The genealogy tutor at Strathcona County Library is ready to help beginners start their journeys and to help experienced researchers find their next steps.

You can register online for free, one-hour sessions. Each session is customized to what you’re researching and how experienced you are. Many people using the service learn about databases like FamilySearch or (library edition) to gain access to millions of birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, and more. The tutor can also help you find books that will teach you different techniques and approaches to expand your research, and can often find you specific resources that will help you based on the ethnicity or geography of your family.

Sometimes the information you’re looking for is hiding somewhere you’d never look, like postcards or cookbooks. One of our patrons started researching her family history here at the library after finding her father’s WWII diary – and ended up retracing his footsteps on a trip to Holland! Who knows where your genealogy adventure will take you? 

Genealogy is a fascinating and rewarding hobby and our genealogy tutor can help with every step of the journey. Together, you can get started on discovering your ancestry or brainstorm the next step for your already existing genealogy research. Register for our Genealogy Tutor Service and find your roots!