Tips for a Successful Book Club

Book clubs are a wonderful way to connect and share ideas but they can take some effort to pull together. Consider these tips before embarking on your first club:

    1. Decide who and how you’ll choose your books. Will you simply take turns choosing a book or will you bring suggestions and vote on them at each meeting?
    2. Come prepared with questions and comments. Doing a little extra research on the author, the structure of the book, the setting, etc. will really enhance your discussion.
    3. Listen to each other with respect. You may want to take turns being the moderator who ensures everyone gets a chance to be heard and who also keeps the discussion flowing.
    4. Agree to disagree. There is no one way to experience or interpret a book. In fact, differing opinions are good!
    5. Take turns reading your favourite passages in the book. Share why you chose that particular passage.
    6. And last but not least, have fun!

~Colleen (Adult Services Department)

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